2022: Webinar #5

Tue, Sep 20 2022 (PDT), 11:00am - 12:30pm
Credits: 0.1 CEU
Audience: Water suppliers, operators, consultants and educators

Water Loss & Water Aging

Water distribution is often over looked by water suppliers. Water distribution and distribution integrity is an important component in the safe water delivery.  In this webinar, Micheal will be presenting on topics related to water distribution, water aging in distribution and water loss, as well as:

  • Factors that lead to water aging in distribution mains
  • Implications of water loss in water main
  • How to address water aging through the use of flushing plans and other strategies
  • How to address identify and address water loss

Presented By: Micheal Firlotte

Micheal Firlotte began his career as a Water Treatment Plant Operator with the City of Kamloops, British Columbia. Over the next 12 years he progressed from Operator, Chief Operator, Distribution Supervisor and finally Utilities Services manager. He left the City of Kamloops in 2016 and worked as the acting director of Public Works and Regional Utilities for the City of Abbotsford from 2016 to 2018. For the last two and a half years, Micheal has made the City of Penticton home and is currently the Water Quality Supervisor.  He has served on the board of the Environmental Operators Certification Program, serving a term as Chairman from 2019 – 2020. Micheal has been involved with operator education since 2005. He has been an instructor, developed curriculum, and delivered training across BC, Alberta and Yukon, across a variety of subjects, including water treatment, water quality and system liability. Micheal lives in Penticton, and enjoys the sunny beaches, skiing and long distance cycling.