2023: Webinar #1

Tue, Jan 24 2023 (PST), 11:00am - 12:30pm

Ask the Drinking Water Officer

Rob will discuss the laws and guidelines that govern small water systems. Particular attention will be focused on the Drinking Water Protection Act / Regulation and the guidelines that promote water potability.

Webinar Objectives:

  • What is the Drinking Water Protection Act and what regulations apply to small water suppliers.
  • What assessment tools are available to water suppliers and drinking water officers.
  • What resources are available for small water suppliers who are looking to improve their water system.

Presented By:
Rob Birtles, EHO, Interior Health

Rob Birtles has been working as an Environmental Health Officer and a Delegated Drinking Water Officer for 24 years. As part of his career, Rob has had the opportunity to engage with stakeholders around the province on questions about source water, treatment, regulations, emergency management and operations. Currently, Rob works with Interior Health where he supervises a team of Drinking Water Officers who are responsible for the inspection of small water systems.