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Groundwater and Wells Legislation: An Overview for Well Owners and Well Operators
Laurie Lyons, Groundwater Protection Officer with the Province's Ministry of Forests

Welcome to the Help Centre, your source for on-line technical resources and self-help tools for small water systems in British Columbia.

Here, small water owners and operators and First Nations small water systems will find the tools to plan, construct, and operate a small water system. The website will help you understand the legislation and regulations small water systems must consider and satisfy in order to deliver safe water.

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Developed and maintained by Thompson Rivers University and a team of technical experts, the Help Centre is designed to assist small water systems develop and operate a multi-barrier approach to drinking water, from source to tap.

The multi-barrier approach ensures that if one barrier fails, others are in place to provide safe drinking water and protect public health. The diagram below illustrates how they work with one another.

If you are just beginning to plan for a small water system, we suggest you review each section in the order below. Otherwise, you can dip in where your need is.

Multi-barrier Approach to Safe Drinking Water
Multi-barrier Approach to Safe Drinking Water

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