Facility Classification


What is Small Water System (SWS) classification?

The  Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) provides facility classification for water systems in BC. This is generally required as a condition of the permit to operate a water supply system.

The classification of a water system provides an indication of the degree of knowledge and training that is required of an operator of that facility. The EOCP establishes the classifications for facilities in BC and Yukon based on 

  • pertinent regulations, and
  • the Best Practices guide of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Committee 
Who Does It Apply to?

The small water system (SWS) classification is available for water systems who serve a population of less than 500 and are relatively simple in their operation. Anyone who operates a water treatment or distribution system should have a facility classification completed by the EOCP.

Why Is This Important?

Facility classification is important to ensuring the safe provision of drinking water and the protection of public health. An accurate and up to date facility classification will dictate what training and certifications an operator who works at the facility should have.

How Do You Get Your System Classified?

If you operate a SWS in BC or the Yukon, you can contact the EOCP to have your system classified for a cost of $50+GST