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Monitoring & Process Measurements for Small Water Systems

Tue Nov 21, 2023 @ 11:00 - 12:30 (PST)
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Monitoring & Process Measurements for Small Water Systems

Being able to accurately and consistently measure the water treatment process variable is a crucial part of automatic control and water quality parameters data for small water systems. The basic principles and operational considerations of commonly used process measurement devices will be covered from an operator's perspective.

Webinar Objectives
  • Principles of flow measurement and common flow sensors, pressure measurement and common pressure sensors, level measurement and common level sensors, turbidimeters, particle counters, pH meters, chlorine meters, streaming current monitors
  • Principles of sensor maintenance, the basic sensor maintenance considerations and the principles of sensor calibration
  • Which data points are used to automatically control the system, SCADA and Single point control and
  • The importance and methods of data recording, reporting  and data management
Peter Elson, P.Eng
Peter Elson P.Eng, graduated from UBC in Environmental Engineering in 1991. He began working as an engineer in process design and water treatment research for a research company in North Vancovuer. He was involved in the start-up of several waste treatment companies, treating wastewater, acid mine drainage and incinerator bottom ash. Then spent several years working at Metro-Vancouver as an engineer in biosolids treatment and management. He joined Indigenous Services Canada 13 years ago working on the upgrade and repair of small water systems, including the introduction of both As and Mn treatment as well as bacterial disinfection.